The Central Texas Regenerative Age

The Central Texas Regenerative Age

The Central Texas Regenerative Age now dawns.

LEAF Signs abound! The Eagle and Vulture fly together in the same Hill Country canyons. The Sacred Wedding of Llanoan Man and Lady Balcones irrevocably approaches. All the arrangements have been made. All the children of The Land are invited. All is forgiven us. Let us plunder, pillage, and pollute no more! Come. Let us Restore! Let us honor our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother in peace and joy – for Earth is filled with Heaven!

All the prophesies are realized. The Word of Creative Intent has fulfilled His purposes. The Wisdom of Faithful Guidance has attained Her day. They do not return void, but achieve that for which they have come. The total and complete victory of Light, Love, and Life is assured. The Promise is Hermetically Sealed and cannot be lost. All is won for the sake of The Earth. Rejoice and Give Thanks! The Outpouring of Spirit has broken through.

And so it begins… Even the Elemental Realms are eager with knowing. The red-tailed hawks now soar with new delight for a new Air. The bobcats are on Fire with the fervor. The bass and trout leap, flip, and spin in anticipation of clear Water. The white-tailed deer prance a brand new Earth dance! The Shamans have seen. The Ancestors too, smile as they gaze upon The Quickening. The Land has already spoken to them all. “It is time”, She has decreed, “and My children will now, again, honor and serve Me”. All the hidden realms of the Hill Country and Blackland Prairie anxiously await The Anointings of the Sons and Daughters of The New Earth.

Even now, Baptismal Initiations, solemn and joyous, transpire in the Secret Womb of the Great Aquifer. The ranks of Servants of the Rose vastly increase as the Hour of Blossoming draws near. Platoons of Angels descend and emerge – yearning to be asked of their help. The River of Healing and Rejuvenation fills the Seven Lakes – cleansing the Highland Chakras. The Springs of Life gush anew.  Pilgrims to the Granite Rock of Enchantment are forever Transfigured. Orders for Service are gifted. The Oil of Gladness seeps from Limestone everywhere. The Oaks and Cypress stand sentry – poised for this Wondrous Revealing…Saint Stealth Truth SwordWe are Change. We are The Ones. We have all broken with Communion.  We have all harmed The Earth. Still, She calls to Her children in Love. “Come forward in Grace. From Above, you will be given everything needed to serve. Return to my Bountiful Garden.” Let us no longer judge one another. Let us humble ourselves and listen to The Land that we may further Awaken. Let us bow down still lower for a greater Anointing – that we may truly Activate and take up the S.W.O.R.D. of The Great Transition. Let us Ascend even higher with this New Earth.

If you assist in our efforts…

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