Conscious Media Defined

A CenTex GeoAscent Definition of Conscious Media

CenTex GeoAscent is intended as both a business-oriented and a community-oriented conscious media initiative.

Conscious Media Festival -- Austin, TX
Conscious Media Festival (Austin)

Generally, the conscious media movement recognizes the potential power-for-good of the message that is carried within media technology. This is a power that can positively affect lives, communities, society and the whole of the world. The movement recognizes the need for a deep sense of responsibility, not only in the wielding of media technology itself, but particularly in the kinds of stories that are shared through it. Opportunity for good storying is currently expanding due to the continuing decentralization of media at the community level, such as that exemplified by the growth of individually-operated video-news channels, and those channels increasing audience share.

Conscious Media Coalition
Conscious Media Coalition

Conscious media provides space for an alternative conversation — an alternative to the traditional mainstream media’s narrative-focus on negativity, divisiveness and even dishonesty. It offers a more expansive and truth-based view of the human condition. It seeks to respond to civic, social, economic and worldly challenges through a storying that presents holistic understandings of the world situation. At its best, conscious media inspires an awakening to, an activation of, and an integrating ascension for the communal human spirit.

Rather than providing direct answers to problems, conscious media instead presents a new story, in which challenges are expressed as opportunities for innovative response. Resolutions are intended as integrative in nature, illuminating ways of being and acting that are financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually harmonious. Often, a conscious media agent will, necessarily, reach for a contemplative and even esoteric understanding of a subject, in order to present that subject from its most truthful and, therefore, most harmonious perspective. This harmony-based perspective, in its broadest expression, is intended to extend to all one’s relations, including one’s relations with culture, society, the world community and the natural environment of the Earth.

Cenntral Texas Conscious Media
Central Texas Conscious Media Group (New Braunfels, TX)

Specific to CenTex GeoAscent, conscious media is that media which helps facilitate harmonious communion among those of us living within this eco-region, and helps facilitate our harmonious communion upon the very land of Central Texas. The increasing advancement of GeoApp and Story Map technology, as well as its expanding adoption and use in creative applications, is of particular focus for the CenTex GeoAscent initiative. While conscious media is not limited to any specific media technology, GeoApps and Story Maps, given their application of facilitating connection to place within the Community and upon the Earth, are ideal technologies through which new stories of conscious harmony may be shared.

If you are part of the conscious media movement, simply interested in it, and/or have a project idea you’d like created and expressed from a conscious media perspective, it would be good to connect.