Llano — the Community, the River, the Uplift!

Llano — the Community, the River, the Uplift!

The Community

City of Llano

The City of Llano’s Grenwelge Natural Area (on the Llano River in the center of town) is home to the renowned Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF), while Llano itself is home to an eclectic and artistic mix of creative activist folks who make-up the dynamic community situated closest to Texas’ geologic center upon the Llano Uplift. It is also the town positioned closest to Enchanted Rock (the Holy Mountain and EcoSpirit Center of Texas) and a town that geographically straddles the visually stunning Llano River.

The historic Roy Inks Bridge (an old-style, beautifully romantic, iron-truss bridge), crosses the Llano River, linking the town’s two principal districts (the Main Street / Town Square District and the RailYard / Badu Park District) while also, quite literally, bridging the northern and southern segments of the Llano Uplift near the land’s precise geographic center.

With its geographic location and its annual organization of LEAF, the Community of Llano is emerging as a natural eco-leader among the communities of the Llano Uplift, while it co-stewards (along with other stakeholders) the Llano River — not only for the folks of Llano, but also for Austinites and other Central Texans, indeed, for all those who depend upon this major tributary to the CenTex Colorado River for their physical lives.

The River

Llano River
The Llano River Bridge (Roy Inks Bridge), in the center of the Community of Llano (itself in the center of the Llano Uplift), links the northern and southern segments of the Llano Uplift.

The clear-water, rocky basin, spring-fed Llano River, the main water-catchment for most of the Llano Uplift, is the most prolific tributary to the CenTex Colorado River, the major source of water for Austin and much of Central Texas. No Hill Country segment of any river is lengthier than the Llano River, whose full length is entirely contained within the Texas Hill Country (only two other major rivers are entirely contained within the Hill Country).

The Llano is the only river that runs the full length of the Llano Uplift, while its southwestern reaches and primary source springs are contained within Limestone Canyonlands. (The Texas Colorado River cuts only the northeastern segment of the uplift.) When considering only the Llano River “proper” — that is, the stretch from the point where its north and south fork sources come together in Junction, TX, to its mouth on Lake LBJ (Granite Shoals Lake)… — the longest segment of this stretch flows upon the Llano Uplift, with the Community of Llano located at the center of this stretch of the river. The Llano is The River of the very core of Texas, the water-catchment for Texas’ geologic heartland.

The Llano River makes its confluence with the Texas Colorado at Lake LBJ (formerly and more evocatively, Granite Shoals Lake) upon the Llano Uplift in the very heart of Texas’ chain of Highland Lakes. The confluenced Llano and Colorado Rivers are joined at Lake LBJ by Sandy Creek, the only other significant catchment stream upon the Llano Uplift. All lesser creeks, brooks and seeps, that do not flow directly into the Highland Lakes, or join larger streams outside the Llano Uplift (only a few do), flow, ultimately, into either the Llano River or Sandy Creek. Sandy Creek’s headwaters are charged by rivulets originating atop Enchanted Rock (the Holy Mountain and EcoSpirit Center of Texas), making it too a special and notable creek tributary to the CenTex Colorado River.

The Community of Llano, through the renowned Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) and other eco-initiatives, is privileged to co-steward the great and beautiful Llano River (along with other West and Central Texas stakeholder groups, organizations and communities).

The Uplift

Llano Uplift
Enchanted Rock — the Holy Mountain and EcoSpirit Center of Texas

The quartz crystal-rich Granite Highlands of the Llano Uplift are the state’s Central Mineral Region. It is the buffer zone to the Rolling Plains to its north and the Desert Plateaus to its west — and it is the very core of Texas, around which formed the Limestone Hills and River Canyonlands of the Balcones Escarpment to its south and east. The paramagnetic energy of the uplift’s igneous rock, in relation with the diamagnetic energy of the escarpment’s sedimentary rock, form a balanced energetic wholeness within the very land of Central Texas, a magnetic draw to people from all over Texas and beyond. Together, the escarpment and the uplift make-up the Texas Hill Country (the eastern half the Edwards Plateau), the state’s middle-most geologic expression. Only this land is wholly Texas (all surrounding eco-regions extend into other states or into Mexico).

The Llano Uplift is home to Enchanted Rock (the Holy Mountain and EcoSpirit Center of Texas), receives the longest stretch of the Llano River, supports several unique towns/communities, shows-off the spectacular Riley Mountain range, contains the upper Highland Lakes of the CenTex Colorado River, and channels the very special Sandy Creek (which cuts the Riley Mountains while connecting the rivulets flowing from atop Enchanted Rock to the heart of the Highland Lakes). A magical, fire-birthed and magma-originated earthscape, a true heartland, filled with stunningly eerie metamorphic and igneous outcroppings, the Llano Uplift is an utterly unique land, the gem-studded geologic treasure of Texas. The ancient uprising energy (1.25 billion years ago) that manifested this land is still experienced as an uplifting of the soul in many of those who live and visit here. The Llano Community is grateful to call this amazing and ruggedly handsome land its home.


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