Breathe, Believe, Receive

For many of us, our egos have served an incredibly useful function.  They have given us the full experience of separation consciousness, have tossed us into madness and hell, and have allowed us to taste soul death.  We now know  that Love and Communion are together everything, the “pearl of great price” that is never again to be lost.  Love is  Communion.


Our egos, having served their function, may now here be allowed to die softly, gently and continually upon an internal cross inside the heart where eternity transects time and space. As the Rose of Unity Consciousness blossoms within us and outward upon this cross, we are en-lightened to simply allow our creations to blossom-out naturally too, as the most beautiful and delicate of little blooms. As we cross-pollinate our flowering creations, the nectar of these blooms might then be made into a “locally-flavored” Honey that flows-out for The Community, divinely enfrenzying us all to Buzz and Bee.  And a single Great Rose might then blossom as the very Heart of the Community Soul.

No heroic feats of overcoming are required, only a deep rest, even in activity, and a perfect trust in the process of Becoming as we continue to Be within the Beehive of The Community.

Within this understanding, our writings and other artistic expressions may also be seen as living sacraments of and for a blessed communal feast.  The interweb space for Writes of Regeneration, with your  participation, might itself become one of many possible community banquet tables upon which these graces may be invitingly placed.


As the dough of our creations is infused with the Spirit of Unity Consciousness, this spirit becomes the Yeast that then leavens our individual creations and inter-bakes and inter-rises them into One Bread — by, for and of the Soul Body of The Community — even as the Soul of The Community is Itself  leavened into Oneness and Wholeness.


At the same time, seemingly paradoxically, our spirits may extend and liquefy as we pour-out ourselves to each other through these sacramental creations offered in consecration within the The Community.  The Community then also becomes The Grail as our spirits, moving through our creations, each become the inter-flowed and life-intoxicating Wine, the One Spirit that fills this Community Chalice with an overflowing joy.

Yet, each creation is itself  a cup of the wine and a piece of the bread.


We could too, see The Community as a great Olive Press.  Our writings and other creations then become the meshes through which we might press the purest oil, the most precious nard, the most healing balm, the most soothing ointment — even as this spirit-oil is pressed through our very souls and then poured-out liberally for the communion table.

All are invited to and are welcomed at this table — a feast to celebrate the Sacred Wedding of The Spirit Prince and His Soul Bride made Wholly One. Each may spread honey on bread and eat.  May we never hunger.  Each may wash this choice morsel down with a large gulp of the most exquisite mead.  May we never thirst.  Each may enjoy deeply the fragrant blooms lovingly arranged and consciously displayed here at this table.  Breathe now  their fragrance and Believe in The Community as you Receive the nourishment and quenching you yourself co-created with your Brothers and Sisters in the Unity of Truth.

Breathe. Believe. Receive.  It’s all happening.