Consciousness, Ecology, Community

Writes of Regeneration’s further purpose is to constellate writings and other creations, contributed from within The Community, that synergize three increasingly vital realms of life — as we co-inspire a deepening participation within these realms.

This trinity of life realms embodies:  Unity Consciousness, including both its contemplative and esoteric dimensions, Spiritual Ecology, including both communion with nature and active creation care, and Regenerative Community, including both service to the greater community of which we are part and service to our individual brothers and sisters.

The Spirit of Unity Consciousness speaks strongly within and through the Collective Soul of a Creative and Activist, EcoEsoteric and EcoContemplative, Regenerative Community.  Indeed, it is within  the Womb of Community that this Spirit is most readily conceived.  And it is from  the Womb of Community that this Spirit is then birthed.

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