Integration, Forgiveness, Healing

Through the constellating of our brazenly honest writings and other testimonies, we may come to recognize that we have all, at one time or more, mis-scripted our lives. We may know that we have all hurt one another. We have particularly hurt those we have loved most.  Often this has been a result of our lashing-out, in energetic response, due to the triggering of deeply buried hurts and “betrayals” we ourselves have suffered.  We have also projected our own mis-scriptings onto others, unconsciously casting them as the antagonists within our stories.

We have all, to some degree, at one time or more, erroneously chosen  to enthrone our individual and illusory egos upon that place within our souls where Spirit rightly belongs.  We have then allowed the ego to cast itself as both hero/heroine and  “victim” when, truly, the ego is little more than the phantom of our operas.  We have thus “violated” Truth (believing that to be even possible) and have further harmed ourselves in the process.  We have then allowed our egos to judge us, cast sentence upon us and imprison us — to the full extent that we have allowed our egos to judge others and cast sentence upon them.  We have thus separated ourselves, one from the other, and have broken our Conscious Communion, forgetting that We Are One.

We may now come to re-cognize that, in attacking anyone, especially those we love most, we shatter our own souls into myriad pieces of glass shards, with each piece reflecting a great trauma of lost communion. When we realize the full extent of the pain that we have inflicted upon others, our own pain deepens exponentially.  This is true no matter the reason for our attacks, no matter what the “other” did “to us”, and no matter how we might have chosen to justify our attacks. Yet, we remain One Love in Truth.  As we come inevitably to re-cognize this (through the “renewing of our minds”), integration, forgiveness and healing can begin. This ultimately necessary and often extremely painful process leads increasingly toward a conscious wholeness.

Our own honest stories and other testimonial creations then become some of the greatest gifts of healing and forgiveness that we may offer to one another.  As we each offer these gifts with integrity, in loving kindness, and within an intention to bless each person, we reintegrate our souls and are ourselves reintegrated within The Community.  Our relationships are mended as we recover the pieces of our souls.  We become reconciled to Truth.  We in-tone a deeply harmonious at-one-ment within an atonement as we real-ize an eternal, tonal moment.  Spirit has here now displaced ego, reclaiming Its rightful place within our souls. Communion is Restored and we are Regenerated to the blessing of All.