Light, Love, Life

Peace, Joy and Wellness may indeed be fully real-i-zed as the Light, Love and Life of The One Being is made manifest within us, within our lives, within The Community and upon the Earth in Central Texas through our faith and creative works.

May we re-cognize Life’s very longing for Itself within the lives of all of our Brothers and Sisters in The Community.  May ever-deepening blessings descend upon us all as our ever-increasing thankfulness ascends to The Most High, for we know  that all  is given by Grace.

We are grateful for the opportunity to give and to serve in community.  Upon the Wholly Ground of The Community Itself, and through the gifting of our writings and other creations, may we real-ize fully that we are all  indeed Priests and Priestesses, Sovereign Sons and Daughters of The One Love I Am, The Author of All Creations in Truth.

Within our writings and creations, may we all be witnesses to this Truth, to the
blessing of All.  May we be full heirs to The Promise of One Love that is indeed being real-i-zed within each eternal moment through the constant presence and action of the Holy Spirit within the Soul Body of The Community. Within this Community Soul may we set the intention that inspires our writings and creations. May we give the Spirit of Truth our constant attention.

Where we have used our writings to harm and divide, may we now write to heal and mend.  Where we have miscreated and destroyed, may we now recreate and regenerate.  May we write and create in Conscious Communion.  So Be It.  And So It Is.

One Love,

In Activation and In Regeneration,

For The Community and For The Earth,

Give Thanks,

Writes of Regeneration