New Scripts, New Myths

Writes of Regeneration is an emergent and constellating cooperative, an intended community-oriented interweb space for sharing new life-affirming scripts. It is a space for generating new truth-expressing myths. It is a space for writers and artists  to share their craft with both stealth and innocence. And we are all artists. It is a space for activists and creatives to share and interfuse their fields of experience. And we are all creative activists. It is a space in which to inspire and a space in which to be inspired. It is a space in which to gift expressions of kindness, healing and forgiveness. It is a Consecrated and Safe Space in which and from which Regeneration is intended and allowed.

Regeneration is for this time and place. Here. Now. For you. For me. Regeneration is an immanent manifestation in time and place of a transcendent Eternal Truth. It is thus a Miracle, a most Common Miracle. It is by, for and of us all — the miracle-working commons.

The Central Texas Regenerative Age has indeed dawned within the collective consciousness of this land and those who live upon it. All of us are now, here, free to write and rewrite the scripts of our lives in Conscious Harmony with this Regenerative Reality. As we each contribute myths from the heart that give personal expression to Truth, a single overarching myth organically arises. This Great Myth will express Truth spontaneously in a way that is specifically relevant to our day as it blesses all the children of this land of the Central Texas EcoRegion. At the same time, this Great Myth will validate the universal truths encoded within the ancient myths of all lands and peoples, blessing our brothers and sisters across the Earth even as their myths bless us.

Myth is not illusion. Myth is Truth expressed through Imagination. Illusions are lies expressed through ego. Both stories and art may express Myth, Truth, Writes of Regeneration. Heart-centered activism is Operatic Myth, Truth in Motion, Rites of Regeneration. Often, Myth is the best way to express the highest truth. Innocent and stealthy imagination trumps egoic knowledge, always and in all ways. Our words and our works steer the course of our lives.

Writes of Regeneration is not about constructing and adopting new limiting belief systems, and it is certainly not about evolving new orthodoxies. Writes of Regeneration is about Inquiring Within. It is about focusing our vision inward to see Truth in the paradox of its greatest abstraction and concrete objectivity. It is about tuning our hearing inward to pick-up the silent carrier wave beneath the wash of white noise. As we dis-cover the scripts written upon our hearts, we may find that we have united, within our consciousness, the scripts that are also written upon the stars and within all of nature. We may then write new stories, create new works of art and engage new activisms that express Truth through our imaginations. These Truth Imaginings, offered to The Community by members of The Community, may then help lead us all to still deeper and broader unity with each other and all of creation.

The evolution of language has provided writers a modern key with which to unlock ancient prison doors behind which we have held ourselves in a nightmare of separation from one another and from the Sacred Creation of which we are part. The influence of cross-cultural word meanings, particularly the inner meanings of words associated with myth, has resulted in language that has become refined to such an industrial precision that it offers unprecedented opportunity for the construction of unifying bridges to the stars — while the language itself remains grounded in the very land in which it is spoken.

In languaging new scripts and generating new myths, we re-member ourselves. We further emerge out of the dream of seperative existence and into the fully conscious real-i-zation of our most Wholly Communion with each other and all of Creation. Beauty wells up. Love pulses forth. Indeed, we write ourselves into our truest existence as our very living becomes an intended and artistic expression of Conscious Creation.

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