Support, Empowerment, Uplifting

Through these, our writings and other creations, we may seek to extend the living, eternal and sacred Spirit of Unity Consciousness within the Soul-Life of The Community.  We may choose  to relate with each other in the Spirit-led context of Truth rather than within a false context of the ego.  We may thus uplift each other as we grow a Wholly Soul for The Community.

We each have a lasting share and an eternal stake in the faith, knowledge, practice and work of all  the persons in The Community.  While we may thus offer service to The Community within a sense of responsibility, there is no con-scripted obligation here — only inspired gifts offered in gratefulness as we come to know our inter-connectedness.  “Come, Learn and Play” becomes our mantra. The luminous glow of our souls, projected out from our radiant spirits, inter-fuse and inter-glow each other — while the Spirit Itself is of The One.

We Are all indeed One Love.

As we continue to come together in sacred and shared space, we are opportuned to support and empower each other through still more of our truest writings and purest creations.  We may thus free and challenge each other to claim fully our Sovereign Authority as Sons and Daughters of The One Love I Am, even as we come to re-cognize and fully confess our absolute and utter dependence upon the Being of Eternal Truth, The Community and all of Creation.  And we may receive still deeper and greater activation within an increasingly blissful surrender to this re-cognition.  We may release and be released for still deeper and greater works of Conscious Creation.