Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Having used our honest testimonies to mutually awaken each other out of our mis-scriptings and into regeneration, we are now here each blessed with an opportunity to “change the direction” in which we seek for authoring inspiration. We may begin to turn and hold our attention increasingly inward to witness truly  the unifying Ground of Being that is our singular  Ultimate Reality.  In so turning, we are further released from attachment to our ego-driven scripts for happiness which, if published into life stories, could only  end as cosmic, comic tragedies. We become activated to author, in their stead, the scripts that Truth would will for our lives. We are graced to write new stories in which we get to let go of the ego’s fear-based and soul-contracting want for safety/security, affection/esteem and power/control — knowing that all is in the divine and loving embrace of The Author of Life.  We stop “missing the mark” and start mything the mark — hitting center.

There is no longer need here to defend ourselves within our stories and actions. Our scripts and works may here now become natural expressions of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Our collective lives are here now one great story of our continuing ascent toward the highest real-i-zation of our actual identities in Eternal Truth through the gift of Unity Consciousness.